I Love Music!

I truly love music.  All kinds.  I am thinking back to the days in Jimi Lowe's room listening to Led Zeppelin after smoking out.  Yes I took pot.  Man, those moments when I really got what they were doing.  It was almost like they wrote those songs for me.  I felt every change, every chord progression, every word.  I'm so grateful that I have become a musician.  It's a hard life but every time I create something that I deem special, my heart swells to the point that I begin the shake. 

Life is such a beautiful experience that is surrounded by the mundane.  Music can soothe those feelings.  And bring you back to that specific spot where anything is possible.  I love music.  I absolutely love the feeling that I get when I discover new artists.  Like Andrew Bird, Surfan Stevens, Davendra Barnhart, The Akron Family, and many many more. 

I can't imagine life without music.  And to hear someone say, what is your favorite band or album, I cringe.  As that is not even possible for me to comprehend.  I have so many favorite bands and albums.  Each one is special in their own way.  I thank my brother Joe Chapa for introducing me to some of the greatest music that I know.  I love you brother.  And for that, I give you props. 

So ask yourself.  How much do you love music?  And how has it effected your life? 

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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