From the recording A Look To The West


There you stood with your soul mate. And the angels that lined the shore. Along came the riders of the great wave. I flipped through the pages of your last glimpse from earth. I knew that you knew your time was up. Alas you should pass with your love by your side. And the whole world is watching on.

I stepped right in this picture into the sand that drowned asleep. A small boy standing all alone with no one to dry off his cheeks. Then my eyes moved away from this child. I felt the pain love and war. About the men who play God with their only life that the Swell had left for them. I stood alone, I took it in. A mother lost her only child. Behind her stood a man who doesn’t know his name. Calling out. Crying out to White Flags.

This life you’ve seen it’s inspired me to let my feelings go. To a place where grown men can cry in silence to forget what they’ve just lived through.

I stepped right out of this picture. I felt as those my life has changed. Forever my role has been altered now. And I’ll do with no complaints. One shattered thought. One million tiny screams. I fought so hard to make my escape. But when I felt your heart pounding from the tales you told, I rained tears with you in those fields of white flags and ashed filled roads.

This life you’ve seen. It’s upon me. I pray find my voice. To say to this world what you want me to say. I’m afraid you’ve left me no choice. And I thank you.