I would like to thank all of the wonderful photographers that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years.  Photography is a beautiful artform that I am beginning to love myself.  I wish I could thank every one of them but quite frankly I don't recall them.  And in some case, I didn't even know them.  I'll do my best to address the ones I do recall.

The Photos at the top of the pages were shot by Michael Williams.  I met Michael while playing a show in Topanga Canyon.  He happened to be in the audience and enjoyed himself so much that he decided to Gift me a photo shoot.  I was unprepared in my opinion but Michael knew what he was looking for.  Thanks again Michael.  Please check out his website for more details.

I would also like to thank Jesse Viray and Michael Seabaugh for their fine contributions to the photo gallery.  I'll list them in the photo comments.  There will be more names as soon as I remember.