From the recording A Look To The West


Radio DJ: September 22nd, and it’s a beautiful day to be in Los Angeles. 70 degrees and clear skies. Possible chance of rain on the weekend though, so get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Up next, a son’s message to a very special mom. Treat life with a Smile.

Son I said you ain’t getting no younger. This world around you may never feel the same. Take this time as much as you need. Then close your eyes to sleep. Embrace the magic from within.

Momma I know what’s been bothering you. No need to speak your peace. No need to ever feel alone. Please don’t worry about this world around me. You raised no fool and my strength I draw from you.

Son I confess this world it frights me, but I’m proud of you and the man you have become. All the same I’m not getting no younger, I pray that you find your one, and babies I’ll adore.

Momma I know it’s been 10 years. Then one day those tears will never leave your eyes. How lucky you were to have each other for many years. So many hugs goodbye. I can see you smiling. Holding one another. Answering to no one.
All of these years I’ve been missing the answers. From here on out I’ll hold what is true. To find my way and rejoice with laughter from the memories of ones I’ve yet to live. I can see you smiling. Holding one another. Answering to no one.