From the recording A Look To The West


Sent Back In Time. Keeping faith in those you love. Aside from all those memories of venom that easily flowed. Those times they fade through shades. Somehow you’ve lost your finest day. Somehow, somewhere you’ve changed.

I’ve learned so much from valued friends. It’s no secret here I am. All I’ve known, I’m seeing again. I fed this vine incircularing me. I look to see what year I’m in. Lessons drown my fathers thought. One lost soul. One not.

Psycho - Voice: Well I’m a little confused here son. You see it’s really not that complicated. It’s just not your soul to lose. But finish what you were saying.

So much in life I take for granted. I find this path I’m on full of dangerous. A fire burn within and it burns completely. I might of known this song was on my mind. So I’ll attach this memory to the last one that I lived through. I hope I never see this day again.

I can talk all day about what’s eating you. But then you walk away feeling mystified, mystified. I know I haven’t been here to relieve your insanity. But in light of who you are I have no final SAY.

This life’s experience I’ve learned humility. Some how a friend will piss on your parade. I find myself escaping by the tales from your making. So ask what you will, I’m yours. What do you mean by humility? And are you afraid of what you are after? Is this why you fall prey to unfortunate scenes? And if I may, who’s responsible? And if I never no the sadness is this why, or you just plain forgot. Oh please send me back some other time. Oh please send me back some other time.