1. Weight of All

From the recording Weight of All

Produced by Russell Chapa
Song written by Russell Chapa
Guitar and Bass by Russell Chapa
Guitar by Dave Doran
Drums by Victor Aguilar

Song Tracked at Soulchemist Studios in Waco, Texas.
Engineer: Dave Doran

Bass Tracked at Elevated Sounds in Los Angeles, CA.
Engineer: Scott Elliot

Mixed at Soulchemist Studios in Waco, Texas.
Engineer: Dave Doran

Mastered at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine.
Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan


Verse 1:
This is not what I wanted to see what I see with my eyes. Empty lands. Filthy hands.

Chorus 1:
And one day, one day a change of heart will burn inside. Then you'll know, the weight of all is real and on time.

Verse 2:
These people are coming. They will take what they want with no price. Greedy men with greedy plans. Head this warning. Mother will suffer the most. Head her warning.

Chorus 2:
And that day, that day you change your heart you'll believe it's too late. But you're wrong you see, the weight of all is a shared responsibility.

Chorus 3:
And I know there is a part of you that wants to run away. And I know that the weight of all will be free one day.

Outro Verse:
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Just ask and receive. Receive only love.