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  1. A Pause In Life

From the recording A Buyers Ride


How is it that One could be judged? Based on what appears to be an uninformed opinion. You may look at me and get no indication. But by simply understanding it’s always something all the time. I have lived through several let downs but coming from such a meager place. It seems to express my situation. I don’t mind so much cause I let myself believe. Oh dear boy I do believe…What if I had A PAUSE IN LIFE? At that particular moment in time. I might have done something a little bit different...Can you imagine if life were so simple? I would up up root my soar spots and let my soul fly free. I have ventured down so many loops and wrong turns. That by now, I should know the way. Is that negative thinking or is it just Life laughing out loud? Asleep, confused, elated. A bastardized version of hypocrisy. Oh not a moment too soon….Is this the price to pay? For the humility you sent my way. I could never hope to be someone so low in self esteem. But what if I was to say, NO MORE?What if you had A PAUSE IN LIFE? At this particular moment in time. Would you do or say anything? In light of this situation surrounding me…Boy what happened here? Someone so strong in his beliefs, turned exactly the opposite. It’s no wonder he judged you so harsh. Having this punishment completely fit the crime... But not really you see........