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  1. From Your Cloud

From the recording A Buyers Ride


I remember that feeling all too well. It sat me down where I stood. This power came over me, I understood. You talked me down this road before. Then you said what you said, That Day…I have no time to explain. It’s a Blessing, that’s all I’ll say. Oh you don’t see it right now, FROM YOUR CLOUD...I saw you walk in, then I held your head as you passed through. A smile was the last thing that we said. It was curious, that moment of indecision. To be so small, amongst the light. As bright as the Morning Sun...I pray the moment was long and the sweetness that it brought was Bliss. My comfort is knowing the gentle passing of such a loving soul. They say the grass will grow again. As the earth begins to fill, As I watch blades intertwine, they’re passing through and through. They’re seamless and they’re bound to YOU...Well maybe it’s time for reflection. Think about all your, your Bad decisions. Oh, you don’t see it right now, FROM YOUR CLOUD...Well maybe it’s time to write this song. Maybe it’s time to call out your name. Oh maybe it is time. It sure feels like the right time. Well how am I suppose to know? Would someone please tell me So...Tell me, oh tell me, how did you know? Give me a clue, what gave you the sign? Deep down the true blessing was bestowed upon you. For your devote beliefs and your heart of gold...Well maybe it is time to write this song. It sure couldn’t hurt to call out my name. Hear my voice Boy, come on down, FROM YOUR CLOUD...