1. Ednas Thrill

From the recording A Buyers Ride


There’s something wicked this way comes... What a beautiful phrase I came to know... Cause you see there are certain things you don’t mess around with, and then there’s those things you don’t dare question... What you gonna do there? What you gonna say?As the story goes, a storm brewed through the night... And out of the darkness came a fright... Before I begin I must tell you, “this is something I have never seen before or since.” See Edna was awoke and she managed to provoke all the demons from the sky... In thru the backrooms they entered... They searched out a place to hide...There’s something wicked on my porch... What’s she doing here? She’s answering your call... Cause you see, Edna’s not about to just call your bluff... She’ll hold your hand, while she’s locking the door... What you gonna do then? What you gonna Say?Run around little Boys... Scream at the top of your lungs... Come outside and you will find... I have a treat for you and you and you... See, Now that I’m awoke, your dreams I will haunt... And I’m not the one you’ve been talking to... I’m only here to send this message... It comes straight from me to you...Oh, yes it’s demonic, and it’s dangerous... But you had to know... Having patience from life long learned lessons this is what I bring to this little board you’ve made... So dance around this gold plated ring, you proudly wear upon your neck so loosely... But make no mistake, this is Edna’s Thrill... It’s happened at least 13 times I’m sure... But all that she ever knew... Was that she loved you...