NPR's Tiny Desk Contest Submission 

Hi Guys.  I'm excited to announce that I submitted to the 2017 NPR's Tiny Desk Contest.  This was a blast to produce.  Mr. Peter Holt handled the video portion which was shot in our new studio soon to be named.  The song is called Awake and I couldn't be more proud of how it came out.  I will blog about the song more later but until then, I hope you enjoy the video.

In Golden Times! 

Yes...  The new Single, In Golden Times, is now available for download.  This has been a wonderful ride to complete this project.  The song is available for Free Download. 

I would like to give special thanks to Deacon, Semyon, and Ace Gonzales for sharing their musical talents with me.  I have so much respect for these gentlemen.  I would also like to thank Scott Elliot with Elevated Sound for recording and mixing the single.  And thanks must go out to Dave Doran for Mastering this project. 

And of course, I would like to thank Ms. Amber Alexander for the cover design.  I'm so blessed to have such talented and dedicated people surrounding me. 

I hope you enjoy my newest story.

Silly's show booked 

New show posted for this coming Wednesday night @ 9 pm.  Silly's Cocktails is the venue.  Full Electric Rock is in store for you all.  See the SHOWS page for the details.

Burning Man Blog 

After spending 8 years on the playa, I've decided to document every day that I'm there with a Blog.  Yes, this will be difficult and it will unfortunately not be in real time.  There is very little connection to anything out there.  Which is one of the reasons I love my city in the desert.  With that said, I will spend at least 30 mins a day writing down what I see, hear, touch, experience.  I admit it this is for me as much as it will be for you.  Burning man is not for everyone, but I suspect there are some future Burners out there that are dying to partake.  I'll will at least grant you my view of life on the playa. 

Blog Page 

With the building of the new site, I've added back my Blog Page.  My thoughts on anything that interests me.  And believe me, it's hard for me to keep things straight in my head.  I've added short Stories that I've written in the past to the Blog.  And also I'm working on other ideas that come to me through out the day.  Stay tune Folks.

August Shows 

Tomorrow Night, Monday, August 19th, will be my last show for the month (In Los Angeles).  Silly's Cocktails in Winnetka, CA.  This is my final show of a 3 night residency.  Stumpwaller will be joining us for this fine evening.  This is going to be the best school night ever.  Come one, come all.  See the SHOW page for the details. 

Home Grown Podcast 

Ok.  So I'm not known for my patience.  I couldn't wait for the official release of the new single before getting some airplay.  Mr. Nic Treadwell has added In Golden Times to his 203rd edition of Home Grown Podcast.  I suggest you listen to the entire show as Nic features some amazing artists.  Sign up for his podcast. You won't be disappointed.

For those of you who simply can't wait to hear the new single, the song starts @ 37:37 mins into the show.

Burning Man 

Burning Man 2013 - Cargo Cult.  I'm so excited to be back on the playa where my gift is to share music with the citizens.  This is my 8th year to be in Black Rock City, Nevada.  My 2nd home.  If you are lucky enough to be there this year, come find me Sharkey's Bar, 7:30 & J.   I will be performing Tuesday at Champagne Lounge (7:15 & Rods Road) @ 1 pm.  As well as Centre Camp Sunday (Temple Burn) @ noon.  See you on the playa.


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