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I Love Music! 

I truly love music.  All kinds.  I am thinking back to the days in Jimi Lowe's room listening to Led Zeppelin after smoking out.  Yes I took pot.  Man, those moments when I really got what they were doing.  It was almost like they wrote those songs for me.  I felt every change, every chord progression, every word.  I'm so grateful that I have become a musician.  It's a hard life but every time I create something that I deem special, my heart swells to the point that I begin the shake. 

Life is such a…Read more

In Golden Times the world was mine 

The World Was Mine!!!

There are moments in life where things appear confusing.  Damn right demoralizing.  Those moments when you have no idea what you are doing or where you are going.  I must admit that I've frequented this train many a night.  I can also admit that I've almost given up this crazy dream a time or two.  But as always, and I mean always, music is my saving grace.  It's my curse, my blessing, and everything in between. 

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The Story of White Flags and Ashed Filled Roads 

White Flags and Ashed Filled Roads was inspired by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The story began for me after reading an article about a Canadian couple, John and Jackie Knill, who lost their lives in this horrendous event while on vacation in Thailand. The article featured a series of pictures that were taken by the couple as the huge wave approached. A missionary found their camera in a pile of debris and was able to pull up some amazing footage. Please go to this link, more

The Evil Promoters 

What is wrong with how the local music scene works here in Los Angeles? That is a good question and the Pros and Cons of this subject are worthy of many pages. I’ll start off by picking one in particular, Promoters.
There are many in this city that are seen as shady and unprofessional. I personally know a few of them. And I have the honor of calling a couple of them friends, but as a whole, the stereotype is often dead on. To me, a good promoter is someone who actually works the scene to get more…Read more