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The Story of Lou Lewis 

“A Texas Cactus… With all the thorns to milk the juice from a jug of whiskey… Now that’s what I call refreshing…” LL.

Lou Lewis was born, Francis Oliver Lewis… A middle son right between 4 sisters… Pepper and Sugar the two oldest, with little Suzy and Lucy being the younger… And twins to boot… You see, Lou’s been around music his whole life… Country music on the porch, back home with the family and the dogs… His Father, Francis Oliver Lewis, senior, was a welder at the local steel shop in town, Gaitlin…Read more

The Story of Deacon 

Well, no one really knows Deacons real name… I’ve personally given up trying to find out that one… Deacon, the French Canadian, was born somewhere in a small house 100 miles north east of Montreal, Canada… Near a town called Trois-Rivieres… This much I do know… At the age of 11, Deacon’s mother was diagnosed with an acute form of Alzheimer’s, and was sent away to be cared for by family just over the border into the US… Since he wasn’t given much of a choice in the matter, Deacon was sent away to live with…Read more

The Story of White Flags and Ashed Filled Roads 

White Flags and Ashed Filled Roads was inspired by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The story began for me after reading an article about a Canadian couple, John and Jackie Knill, who lost their lives in this horrendous event while on vacation in Thailand. The article featured a series of pictures that were taken by the couple as the huge wave approached. A missionary found their camera in a pile of debris and was able to pull up some amazing footage. Please go to this link, more